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Easy and simple

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“Creative, outstanding and brandfull… Photography helps people see and understand. Looking for a photographer? I shoot portret, commercials and product images.

What first a blog was called Inspire Your Lifestyle, has been turned into a portfolio for Multimedia designer Berna Okue. Berna is for almost 8 years a online influencer and multimedia designer. With her Instagram account @TheBrownvelvet she reach 50.000 unique followers per month. Next tot that, she have a passion for online and offline content creation.<br /> Creating video's, building websites with matching graphic design for brands is what she love to do!

I’ve started as a videographer when I was 17 years old. Working for a known Dutch Publisher called Sanoma, on that age was a challenge. It helps me realising that I can help students too. That’s the reason why I work sometimes with students and starters who sees this as an intership.<br /> “Working together in this industry, makes the brand extra strong.”

Creating logo’s, business cards, posters and magazines.<br /> Design is all about taken it in action and I can do that for you.

I create documentary’s, virtual reality video’s, animations and online video platforms for amazing brands. Do you have an idea about what kind of video your brand need? Let’s talk it out!

With a background in the marketing I can help you building a strong online platform for your company. Meet your target audience, find out what they need and improve your<br /> online platforms to make a better brand.
Photography, fimmaking, website

Pricing Box

  • 200
    One job
  • 90  Minutes Session concept development
     3-4 hours Photography on location
    50 Digital Images high quality
    Images editing (6 hours editing)
  • 250
    One time
  • 90 Minutes Session concept involvement
    video editing for 1-2 minutes ( 2hours editing)
    Graphic animation (2 hours editing) included in video
    Filmmaking on location for 2-3 hours
  • 325
    One time
  • Normale website in WordPress (no webshop)
    This package is included with hosting
    Basic work-around instructions in WordPress
    Included 2 times feedback design website